BodyGuard Mobile Security 1 Year 1 Device – Android/iOS – Email Delivery Only


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Secure VPN – Protect your device privacy, hide your IP address and secure your connection on public Wi-Fi. BodyGuard comes with WireGuard as default VPN protocol which is the fastest VPN out there.
Safe Browsing – BodyGuard helps to detect and block access to scam or malicious websites before you accidentally open them.
Tracker – Locate your phone if it is ever lost or stolen. You can remotely lock your phone, track its location, play a loud siren, take a snapshot of the thief who tries to access your device. This feature requires device administrator permission on your device and access to the location even when the app is in background.
Airtight – Lock your sensitive apps with a PIN or fingerprint. Only available for Android
Patriot – Find the country of origin for your installed apps. Only available for Android
Threats – Check if your email address has been a part of a data breach in the past and if so, recommendations to mitigate the security risks.
Activating BodyGuard Mobile Security takes less than a minute and while it’s on, you’re always protected.
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