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Refund & Return Policy

Refunds cannot be claimed if:
– The order is not cancelled within 6 hours after payment or before the dispatch of the product, whichever comes first.
– The product is delivered on time and a complaint of damage or incorrect product is not received within 1 working day of receipt.
– An incorrect delivery address is provided.
– The address is changed after the dispatch of the order.
– The order is not received at the given address.

Refunds can be claimed for:
– Non-delivered products – which can be considered after 20 working days from the expected delivery date.
– Incorrectly delivered products – discrepancies in the model number, colour, manufacturing year, or brand name will be considered.
– Damaged or non-functioning products delivered (a full unboxing video is required).

Order cancellation:
– Can be done within 6 hours after payment or before the dispatch of the product, whichever is earlier.
– Cannot be accepted under any circumstances after the dispatch of the order/product.
– Customers cannot cancel the order during the period between the dispatch date and the delivery date.

Refund process:
– Will be conducted online within 5-6 working days after receiving the returned product in the same condition as delivered.
– Will be processed after 7 working days from the expiration date of any coupon/offer used, ensuring the coupon will not be reused after order cancellation.
– The percentage of the refunded amount will vary according to the product and its category.

Product returns:
– Can be made if a complaint is registered within 24 hours of receiving the product.

Pcfiy reserves the right to:
– Cancel any order and issue a full refund without providing a reason.
– Note that delivery delays are possible due to strikes, weather conditions, etc.
– The discount and price offered are because the product is purchased before arrival and the customer has agreed to delayed delivery.